BPM Labs: AM/PM Burn – New and Improved!

Posted by Lianna Speers on 9th Mar 2018

BPM Labs: AM/PM Burn – New and Improved!

STOP! If you haven’t read my first article on the AM/PM Burn when it was first released. Stop reading now and read BPM LABS: The AM/PM Burn Journey and then come back and read the new and improved AM/PM Burn product.

Welcome back! So, if you read my other article you would see how amazingly wonderful The AM/PM Burn is and how the results speak for themselves.

Thanks to BPM LABS and PSI Distribution, I had the privilege of trying the new AM/PM Burn’s new formula and put it straight to the test.

I allowed myself 4 weeks to really give the product a fair go. Like last time, I have documented a week by week progress snapshot of how the product works. Compared to last time, I was holding a lot more fat in stubborn areas, which is why the results were astonishing. 

This time around because I am at 16.5%, the results from the AM/PM Burn are less noticeable because my abs are already defined. I am now battling the loose skin associated with accelerated weight loss. I’m also on a 12-week challenge, so my diet is very consistent and “clean”. Once the 12 weeks are up, I will get another DEXA scan to see the change in body fat.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4 

AM/PM Burn Ingredients:

Dandelion root: This ingredient is what helps with your water weight. If you hold water like I do, then this product will indeed work wonders for you. Bear in mind you urinate a lot more than usual.

Garcinia Cambogia: Also known as the Brindleberry in South East Asia; this fat loss ingredient has had the media’s attention for its results and natural fat loss components. It doesn’t affect your lifestyle or health; it only suppresses your appetite and prevents fat cells being created.

Methionine: The natural way to stop fat cells developing while you sleep due to the growth hormone Somatotropin.

Plus many more!

The new and improved formula comes with a new flavour: Mango Coconut. Now, in comparison to the Strawberry Banana flavour, it tastes similar but the new version is lighter and doesn’t clump into a glue-type texture. It does need a good mix. Mix it up with around 150mL of water and 1 scoop of AM/PM Burn and then just skull it back. It’s a quick and easy way to get it down.

I was devastated when I couldn’t buy with product anymore because I’ve always spoken so highly of it. Give the product a go and see the results for yourself. Just remember, with any weight loss, it comes with a balanced diet and exercise.

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