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I’ve been in the industry for almost 13 years. I started as a group fitness instructor, then a Pt and rehabilitation specialist. I am now a manager at Nutrition Warehouse where we do stock almost all of the BPM labs range.I started training at the age of 16. I loved to lift. I used to love soccer but then I discovered the rush from getting up those iron dumbbells. I started to get serious into my body building after 2 years of just throwing around weights in a local small gym in country Victoria. I found my first coach and got onto my first proper meal plan and I haven’t looked back since. I have now been competing on and off for almost 9 years. My favourite body part to train would have to be chest, I’m not necessarily strong in this area but incline dumbbell press has always been a bit of an ego lift for me .Nothing like getting 35kg dumbbells up for reps! Exhilarating!!!Ok, I am not your normal female lifter, if you listen to my playlist for certain body parts you would be shocked! I tend to use heavy/screamo metal on my big lift days for example legs, back. But upper body it ranges from top charts to theme songs from Disney movies and sometime old school epic ballads. Whitney Huston and Bonni Tyler is the norm on chest day lol. My favourite cheat meal would absolutely be one of two things. Burgers from Grill’d or MEXICAN!!!!!In my lengthy bodybuilding carer of 4 seasons over 9 years: I have placed 3rd in my first ever show back in INBA in the last year physique was held in Australia. I have placed 2nd three times and 3rd once in IFBB in Woman’s Open physique. Last year I won my first state title in NSW and then placed in 4th at the armature Australian Arnold classic. My next goal is to turn pro… it’s taken a long time to get my title so I’m even hungrier now to make the effort and do everything I can to make that dream a reality. To follow my fitness journey, see the build up to my next show and attempt at a pro card, follow me on @unknowngymchick